SafeYield is a reflect token on the Binance Smart Chain A reflect fee is applied to all $SafeYield transactions and redistributes tokens directly to wallets of holders.

There is no need for staking or farming websites since the reflect feature happens directly on-chain.


SafeYield did not make any sales. Project established self-funding.

Team added liquidity %70 of supply and burned LP tokens. You can check here.

LP Tokens Burned:

Dev burned %25 of the their tokens:

%70 Added Liquidity: 0xb8099d8d76321bfa98e82a4e89347053fa699d20,0x74faa3ed10c7cf1ffdaa78336304bca390630135

%3 Development: 0xaB14A615A8993425e7Afc2d044A5B64FcB3Ee8CE

%2 Dev Funds: 0xDbe755eE146261a2BaF3eDc069773d8F6E3a39B2

%70 Added Liquidty 12,654,656 $SAFEYIELD
%25 Burned 25,000,000 $SAFEYIELD
%3 Development 2,876,821 $SAFEYIELD
%2 Dev Funds 1,842,452 $SAFEYIELD